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Random Thoughts

Murder isn't always a crime..

27 February
My name is Nadine and I'm from Tacoma, Washington. I am a certified (but unemployed) Pharmacy Technician, and I work as a tutor at TCC, where I got my Associate degree a couple years ago. If anyone has any job leads in the health care business.. please shoot them in my general direction. Or hey, if you need help in math or chemistry (or basic Spanish and some computer stuff), I could tutor you for $12/hr.

I love music and going to concerts. I dislike politics. I love animals (except most birds). I'm not particularly a fan of organized religion, but that's not to say I am not religious or have no values. I love watching movies, tho' I'm more likely to rent than go to a theatre. I like to hang out with my friends and drink coffee. I like going on road trips and traveling in general.. but I never have the money to do so. I am not comfortable amongst large crowds. I am shy, wacky, sarcastic, bratty, easily irritated yet easily amused, thoughtful, wise beyond my years, down to earth, and a total catch. :P

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My journal has been Friends Only since July 2004, but I'm always up for new friends. So if anything I've said here has intrigued you, please comment on a visible entry and I'll see about adding you to my Friends List. Hope to hear from you!

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